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Module Vs Program

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Module Vs Program

Post  razuk_r on Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:30 am

1. Not executable.
2. Needs to be bind with a PGM or SRVPGM in order to use it.
3. In order to execute a subprocedure that resides in a module, we need to use CALLB.

1. It is independently executable entity.
2. In order to execute it, we need to use CALL.
3. When a program is compiled, the modules used in it(using CALLB) are bind into the object of PGM.

A good example:
Do as follows:
2. Compile MODA, MODB to create *MODULE type objects(option 15 from WRKMBRPDM)
3. Use CALLB in PGMA to call MODA, and MODB.
3. Compile PGMA now to create a *PGM type object(option 14 from WRKMBRPDM or using CRTPGM).
4. Delete objects of type *MODULE of MODA, MODB.
->Even now PGMA will execute fine, because modules are bind into the object of PGMA.


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