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Strength of IBM i (AS/400) Market ?

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Strength of IBM i (AS/400) Market ?

Post  sivakumar on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:31 pm

 $4.5 Billion in IBM i (AS/400) sales in 2006.
 All of the top 25 worldwide banks use IBM i (AS/400).
 23 of the top 25 retailers in the U.S. run on IBM i (AS/400).
 95% of US Fortune 500 companies are IBM i (AS/400) clients.
 71% of global Fortune 500 companies are IBM i (AS/400) clients.
 80% of world’s corporate data resides or originates on IBM i (AS/400).

In other words, without an IBM i (AS/400),

 Your airplane might not land safely (air traffic control).
 Your ATM would not give you $$ (banks all over the world).
 You could not buy something online (transaction processing).
 Hospitals could not access patient records (Patient Management).
 Your FedEx /UPS package would not ship?
(Shipping and tracking of shipments).


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