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How IBM i (AS/400) different from other systems?

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How IBM i (AS/400) different from other systems?

Post  sivakumar on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:33 pm

 A fundamental difference between IBM i (AS/400) and PCs is the respective attitudes shown towards them. If a PC crashes, it's a problem. Work is lost, the user is unhappy, but then reboots the system and redoes whatever was lost. It's unlikely the system administrator would even hear about it. If, however, a IBM i (AS/400) crashes, it's a major catastrophe.

 IBM i (AS/400) can handle large volumes of data and provide centralized administration and Offer superior data management capabilities.

 Can handle different types of workload with high data bandwidth, Monitors data integrity and security.

 A single IBM i (AS/400) System can reduce the cost of maintaining hundreds of servers.

 Provides high reliability and security required in large-scale processing work, which no other currently available technology can provide


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