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What are function options close down program & reclaim resources?

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What are function options close down program & reclaim resources?

Post  maran on Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:40 pm

Close down program: Specifies whether the last record indicator is to be set on when the program finished execution. If, 'Y' is specified, all files are closed and the program is shutdown. If blank, all files remain open and a subsequent call will be faster and perform a full program execution. In either case, all internal variables are initialised to blanks and zero on each call.

Reclaim resources: The OS/400 command RCLRSC is to be invoked when the program completes execution. The command closed down any other program, files that have been called and/or opened by the program thereby reallocating their storage. Reclaim resources is valid only on external function. This does not support COBOL programs


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