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What is Built in function and give some examples?

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What is Built in function and give some examples?

Post  maran on Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:59 pm

Using Built in function, you can do all arithmetic operations, string manipulations and control
operations like Commit and rollback.
*COMPUTE (Using this we can do all arithmetic operations like add, sub, mult & div)
CONCAT (It joins 2 string with the conditions (*none = no blanks, *one = leave one blank, *all =
leave all blanks))
*CVTVAR (It just converts the value of one type to another type)
*DATE DETAILS (It gives the date details like day of week, day of year, *month, leaf year etc)
*DATE INCREMENT (Using this we can add quantity of a given date and find out new date)
*DIV WITH REMAINDER (Remainder value will move to another value)
*DURATION (It calculates duration between 2 dates)
*ELAPSED TIME (It calculates time (HH, MM, SS, MS) between 2 given time)
*MODULO (It gives only remainder value)
*MOVE ALL (Move value (even constant) to variable(s))
*QUIT (It is like a goto statement in RPG, it leaves from the entire action diagram)
*ROLLBACK (The changes will not be reflected when you use *ROLLBACK)
*RTVCND (It specifies that the name of a given condition is to be retrieved into a function field)
*SER CURSOR (It is equal to cursor position keyword in SDA)
*SUBSTRING (Using this we can take a part of string from the base variable)
*TIME DETAILS (It is similar to date details Built in function)
*TIME INCREMENT (Using this we can add a quantity to a given time)

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