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Post  soundhar on Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:58 am


In dspf,I am having 5 fields...
Empcde _______
Empsal _______

1.After i enter any values in Empcde the control comes to second field 'Empnam'
But my question is i have to goto third field which is 'Empdep'....

2.If i enter values in 'Empcde' like 2_______ in first place,then if i press tab/field exit key,the values should come to the end of that field like_____2

I came to know this in my company from my experienced guys.So Sharing with u all to help u for ur skills.

3.And also In subfile try with OPTIONS , POSITION TO.
4.try all options available in wrkmbrpdm displays like Repeat options(F13),Prompt(F4)...



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