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Post  maran on Fri Dec 30, 2011 1:07 pm

A Few Rules

There are a couple of other things to know about free-formed calculations:
You can mix them in with traditional calc specs, as long as you code the /free and /end-free correctly. This includes code brought into the program from the /copy directive.

You cannot use resulting indicators in free-formed format; you must use the appropriate built-in functions to determine file and record retrieval status.

If you have a long expression, you can continue on the next line by simply typing on the next line and not placing a semicolon at end of the first line. This is allowed because, with fee-formed calculation specs, all white space is ignored. The following is an example:

// long calculation
Sum = Number1 + Number2 + Number3 + Number4
+ Number5 + Number6;

You cannot define fields inside a free-formed block. You must use D-specs to define your variables. This is actually a good thing, since you should never define fields in a C-spec.

As with Java, you must end a statement with a semicolon.

Finally, comments are identified with a double slash (//), as opposed to an asterisk (*), in column 7. In addition, comments can be placed on a separate line, or on the same line, after the semicolon.

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