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File Zoned Decimal has been changed to Packed Decimal in RPG

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File Zoned Decimal has been changed to Packed Decimal in RPG

Post  maran on Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:45 pm

There are instances when RPG changes a zoned decimal field to packed decimal. How to override this??

The program version F-spec zoned decimal fields will always be presented as packed decimal within the program itself. RPG does this because packed is a better encoding method on the AS/400 for performing arithmetic operations. You can override this by specifying an externally described data structure for the file used in the F-spec. The following example shows how this is done in an RPG IV program:

FMyFile IF E K Disk

D MyFileDs E DS ExtName( MyFile )

This externally described data structure causes RPG to use zoned decimal for all fields defined as zoned decimal in your program.

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