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CMD Documention Made easy

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CMD Documention Made easy

Post  maran on Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:52 pm

GENCMDDOC helps you to do documentation on CMDs

GENCMDDOC can produce documentation in HTML or UIM. If you specify GENOPT(*UIM), GENCMDDOC generates a skeleton UIM member from a command object. You can add explanatory text with your favorite text editor and create a help panel group for the command. If you specify GENOPT(*HTML), GENCMDDOC creates an HTML file from the command object and the help text in the panel group object.

You can write the generated source code to an IFS or a database file, but you must use the IFS syntax in either case.

In the following example, a skeletal help text member of UIM source is generated in member CPYTOTST of source physical file QPNLSRC in library UTILITY from the CPYTOTST command object in library UTILITY.


At this point, you may want to run GENCMDDOC again, but this time specify GENOPT(*HTML) to generate a full HTML file from the command definition and the panel group. The following example places the HTML in file cpytotst.html in directory /home/pms of the IFS.

TODIR('/home/pms') +
TOSTMF('cpytotst.html') +

Happy Documenting!!!

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