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Service Program creation issue

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Service Program creation issue

Post  maran on Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:07 pm

Q: I have service programs SrvPgm1, SrvPgm2, and SrvPgm3. SrvPgm1 references procedures
in SrvPgm2 and SrvPgm3. Normally, I would create service programs SrvPgm2 and SrvPgm3
to make their procedures available and then create service program SrvPgm1. However,
in this case, SrvPgm2 and SrvPgm3 also reference procedures in SrvPgm1. Therein lies
the chicken and the egg. To create SrvPgm1, I must first create SrvPgm2 and SrvPgm3;
to create SrvPgm2 and SrvPgm3, I must first create SrvPgm1!

Please let me know so that I can get these service programs compiled?

Here's how we can solve the issue:

1. Create SrvPgm1 with Option(*UnrslvRef).
2. Create SrvPgm2 and SrvPgm3.
3. Recreate SrvPgm1 and do not specify Option(*UnrslvRef).

Thanks to Barbara Morris

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