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What is High Speed Tables? Diff between normal file and High speed tables?

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What is High Speed Tables? Diff between normal file and High speed tables?

Post  maran on Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:27 pm

A high speed table is not a "thing" in itself. A high speed table is a normal LANSA file definition that has its "high speed" flag set to YES.
• A LANSA file definition flagged as high speed table is actually implemented as a normal database file. All functions which insert, update or delete data in the table actually access the normal database file.

Diff between normal file and High speed tables
This normal database file actually contains the data, so there is no difference in the risk of data loss between a normal file definition and a high speed table.

This also means that you can, at any time, set the high speed table flag back to NO and revert to a normal database file again without any loss of definition or data.

The difference between a normal file and a high speed table is that a high speed table uses an extra object (over and above the normal database file). This object is called an OS/400 "User Index" and it contains a duplication or "mirror" of the data in the associated database file and its logical views.

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