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What are the types of Rules available in Lansa?

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What are the types of Rules available in Lansa?

Post  maran on Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:34 pm

1. List of Values: Checking if the value of a field falls under a list of specified values
2. Range of Values: allows a field to be checked against a range of values
3. Look up rule: Lookup for a value, whether the field is valid
4. A simple logic rule: allows simple conditions to be evaluated to check a field. For instance, "pf must be equal to (#basic * 0.1)"
5. A complex logic rule: allows complex validation checking to be performed by our own LANSA functions or 3GL application programs. For instance, the validation of a "due date" may be done via a function or program that can account for public holidays, weekends, etc.
6. Triggers

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