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QJOBSCD— The back stage boy of Job Scheduler

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QJOBSCD— The back stage boy of Job Scheduler

Post  maran on Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:09 pm

QJOBSCD— The back stage boy of Job Scheduler

The job scheduler system job QJOBSCD controls the job scheduling functions of
the system. QJOBSCD monitors the timers for job schedule entries and
scheduled jobs. It starts during IPL and remains active until the system is
powered down.

QJOBSCD uses the job-schedule object QDFTJOBSCD. QDFTJOBSCD is stored
in the QUSRSYS library with an object type of *JOBSCD. The job-schedule
object contains entries that set up a schedule of jobs. You schedule jobs by
adding a job-schedule object. You cannot create, delete, rename, or duplicate
the job-schedule object. And, you cannot move it to another library.

The job-schedule object is saved with the Save Library (SAVLIB), Save Object
(SAVOBJ), or Save Changed Object (SAVCHGOBJ) commands. You can restore
it with the Restore Library (RSTLIB) or Restore Object (RSTOBJ) command.
Restoring the job-schedule object updates the next submission date for each
entry. You can restore the job-schedule object to the system from which it was
saved or to a different system, but you cannot restore it to a library other than
QUSRSYS. If you restore the job-schedule object to a different system, the job
submission history is cleared in each entry.

If there are scheduled jobs that are not run when they should be run, the
administrator must make sure that the QJOBSCD job is still active. If QJOBSCD
does not appear as a system job on the WRKACTJOB display, you can only start
it with an IPL. You can release jobs from the job schedule manually until an IPL
is scheduled.


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