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as400 interviw quetions

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as400 interviw quetions

Post  ARUN0404 on Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:33 pm

.File information-command
2.File Field Information-command
3.user profile-command
4.view the trigger in PF-command to see the contents of a database file job-WRKACTJOB
7.schedule a job
8.In RPGLE how many files can be declared in F spec
9.OPNQRYF extracts from a query file(TRUE/FALSE)
10.*LDA- *CHAR and 1024
11.In which spec,file fields can be renamed
12.In which spec,RENAME opcode is used
13._______ & ________ format options is mandatory while copying 2 files which have different fields
14.OVRDBF command
15.send dataQ
16.Receive DataQ
17.OVRDBF is not mandatory before using OPNQRYF(TRUE/FALSE)
18.Updating PF through Non join Logical file is possible.(TRUE/FALSE)


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