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can we journal the Library?

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can we journal the Library?

Post  maran on Mon May 13, 2013 12:08 pm

Yes. From V6R1 onwards this is doable.

The STRJRNLIB command lets you specify the library you want journaled (via the LIB parameter), the name and library of the journal to use (via the JRN parameter), and the inheritance rules to use to determine whether a new object should be journaled (via the INHRULES parameter). The INHRULES parameter contains five fields, and multiple rules may be specified. The fields for INHRULES are the object type, operation, rule action, images and omit journal entry. Each field has valid-values rules:

Valid values for the object type field are *FILE, *DTAARA, *DTAQ and *ALL.
Valid values for the operation field are *ALLOPR, *CREATE, *MOVE, *RESTORE and *RSTOVRJRN.

If a user wanted to journal all of the newly created files in library MYLIB and any newly created, restored or copied, but not moved, data areas in library MYLIB to journal MYJRNLIB,MYJRN, the following command would do the job:


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