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Limits w.r.t Database

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Limits w.r.t Database

Post  maran on Mon May 13, 2013 1:27 pm

Fields in a record format 8,000

Bytes in a record format 32,766

Bytes in a database file 1 TB

Fields that make up an index entry 120

Bytes in an index entry 2,000

Bytes in an entire index 1 TB

Records in a file 4 GB

Indexes over a physical file member 4000

Members that may be joined (using DDS) 32

Members that may be joined (using SQL) 256

Records locked for a commitment control transaction About 500,000,000

Triggers on a file 300

Members in a file 32,767

Files that may be used at one time 500,000

Length of a character field in database 32,765

8-byte INT (20I0 in RPG) From: -922,337,2036,854,775,808 To: +922,337,2036,854,775,807

4-byte INT (10I0 in RPG) From: -2,147,483,648 To: +2,147,483,647

2-byte INT (5I0 in RPG) From: -32,768 To: +32,767

1-byte INT (3I0 in RPG) From: -256 to +255

Length of a packed/zoned decimal value V5R2: 31 V5R3: 63

Objects in a library 360,000

Files that can be open at one time by the file server 16,776,960

Bytes for a Domino database 256 GB

Records in a version of the history log 65,535

Input fields on a display file at one time 256

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