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System Monitoring - Checklist, to keep it under our control

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System Monitoring - Checklist, to keep it under our control

Post  maran on Mon May 27, 2013 10:06 pm

To detect silent trouble in our system, here are 13 of the most common situations that we should be monitoring for on our IBM i partition.

1) Long-running batch jobs.
2) Excessive number of jobs in job queues.
3) Jobs that should be running, but aren't.
4) Critical lines, controllers, or devices that aren't active.
5) IP interfaces not active.
6) Interactive users using a large amount of CPU.
7) Interactive response time spiking
Cool Disk space utilization above 90 percent
9) Software problems reported in the Work with Problems (WRKPRB) display
10) Monitoring QSYSOPR and other message queues for inquiry messages related to application programs
11) Ensuring that our daily, weekly, and monthly backup jobs completed normally
12) Monitoring and reordering consumable items, including special forms, printer cartridges, and ribbons for critical system printers
13) Monitoring for replication errors on our high availability solution

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