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How to transfer to spool files to Remote OUTQ

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How to transfer to spool files to Remote OUTQ

Post  maran on Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:50 am

The principle is as follows: a local OUTQ is associated with a remote OUTQ on another AS/400 (even on another server or directly to a printer, provided there is an LPD server started).


Check that the LPD server is started on both servers.

Type the NETSTAT command and option 3. If you see LPD in the list (under local port col) is that the server is started.
Otherwise, you must type the command STRTCPSVR SERVER (* LPD). This server will be started until the next shutdown. To have a systematic start at each IPL, with TCP / IP, type CFGTCP, option 20, option 13, and to YES * Autostart servers to start automatically at the next IPL.


The idea is to create an OUTQ on the SOURCE machine (the one that contains the spools) that "point" OUTQ on the TARGET machine.  On the source system, simply move a spool to this OUTQ that the spool is automatically sent to the target machine. Attention we are talking about moving, not copy, so the spool will not be on the source system!

On the target system
Create OUTQ to receive the spool, for example CRTOUTQ OUTQ (QUSRSYS / OUTQOLD)

On the source system
Create the remote OUTQ (called Remote OUTQ)

       AUTOSTRWTR (1)
       CNNTYPE (* IP)
       TRANSFORM (* NO)
       INTNETADR ('192 .168. X.x ')

Replace 192.168.xx with the IP address of the new server.
That's it! It remains to start the editor on the old system with STRRMTWTR OUTQ (QUSRSYS / OUTQNEW) command and move the spools in the OUTQ. Attention, the spool is sent to the remote system when it is in READY state, otherwise, it remains local

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