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DSCJOB when works and does not work

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DSCJOB when works and does not work

Post  maran on Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:00 pm

DSCJOB would give an error "DSCJOB not allowed"  if the device name is dynamically assigned when we connected thru 5250 emulator. Reason being If we
shut down 5250 session(SIGNOFF) and restart it there is no guarantee that we would get that session name again, since the remote system (PC) doesn't store it.  The "server job" that it's talking about is the background communications server job that monitors our Telnet connection  That job gets hooked into a device name at startup, and it knows it can't control a disconnected job if the remote machine doesn't remember the session name.

If we start with the fixed device name in our 5250 emulator session as follows, it would work then.


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