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System Performance and Tuning - Tip1

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System Performance and Tuning - Tip1

Post  maran on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:46 pm

Reviewing system values such as QMCHPOOL, QMAXACTLVL, QPFRADJ, QACTJOB and QTOTJOB can improve performance and resolve certain performance problems.

QMCHPOOL-This value represents the size of the machine storage pool. The machine storage pool contains highly shared machine and OS/400 licensed programs. If the QMCHPOOL value is set too small, system performance can be severely inhibited. For new systems, the recommended initial size of QMCHPOOL is at least two to three times the reserved size of the pool depending on faulting in the pool.

QMAXACTLVL-This value is the number of jobs/threads that can simultaneously compete for memory and CPU. QMAXACTLVL should be set to *NOMAX. Then use the activity levels within the work with shared storage pools command (WRKSHRPOOL) to control the activity level of each system pool.

QPFRADJ-This value dynamically adjusts (at a rate of approximately every 20 seconds) memory and activity levels for all shared pools on the system. QPRFADJ is often underutilized because administrators are less likely to use it if they already have allocated memory to optimize the performance of specific applications. However, QPFRADJ features configuration parameters via WRKSHRPOOL and PF11, which allow administrators to establish priorities for adjusting shared pools, set minimum and maximum pool sizes and determine pool-faulting and job/thread levels. Though introduced with OS/400* V3R7, many users remain unfamiliar with these options. While effectively setting these parameters overrides QPFRADJs ability to adjust memory of shared pools, QPFRADJ is still worthwhile because it allows the system to benefit from expert cache. Expert cache enhances the use of memory on the system and dynamically controls how long and which portion of objects remain in memory.

QACTJOB-This is the number of active jobs in which auxiliary storage is allocated during an IPL. The value should be set about 10 percent greater than the number of active jobs found on the work with active jobs command (WRKACTJOB) during the busiest time in a day.

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