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History of IBM i (AS/400)

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History of IBM i (AS/400)

Post  sivakumar on Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:15 pm

The computers are categorized into Microcomputers, Minicomputers, Mainframe and Supercomputers. IBM i (AS/400) is IBM's previous generation of mid-range computer system (Mini Computers). IBM i (AS/400) are oldest form of computers, Expensive and powerful, Small, Medium, and Large-Program handling Uniprocessor, high-speed storage can be shared by a wide variety of users.

The IBM System i, then known as the AS/400, was the continuation of the System/38 database machine architecture. The System/36 was IBM's most successful mini-computer. The first IBM i (AS/400) systems were delivered in 1988, and the product line has been refreshed continually since then. The programmers, who worked on OS/400, the operating system of the IBM i (AS/400), did not have a UNIX background.

In 2000 IBM renamed the AS/400 to iSeries, as part of its e-Server branding initiative. The product line was further extended in 2004 with the introduction of the i5 servers. Although announced in 1988, the IBM i (AS/400) remain IBM's most recent major architectural shift that was developed wholly internally.


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