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Why IBM i (AS/400) ?

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Why IBM i (AS/400) ?

Post  sivakumar on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:27 pm

 Has more than 750,000 systems installed since 1988. The IBM i (AS/400) is the world's most popular multi-user business computer system, has more than 18 million users sign-on every day.

 Is the only server that allows customers to run applications from four different operating system environments? OS/400, UNIX, Windows NT/2000 and Linux? Simultaneously on a single server.

 A single system can support up to 31 separate Linux partitions.

 The i840 model continues to set new records for server-side Java performance, beating Sun and Hewlett-Packard (SPECjbb2000 benchmark). The i840 is also number one in the Notes Bench benchmark for Lotus Domino scalability and performance.

 Is installed in 95% of the FORTUNE 100 and 85% of the Fortune 500.

 Boasts 99.9+% system availability.

 52 percent of customers own four or more IBM i (AS/400) systems.

 Are sold in more than 150 countries worldwide, and can display and accept information in 40 national languages.

 Have more than 8,000 IBM Business Partner and Independent Software Vendors Worldwide.

 Performance of high-end IBM i (AS/400) systems has increased an average of 60 to 70 percent a year since 1990. IBM i (AS/400)'s price and performance improvement has average over 30 percent a year during the period of 1988-1994.

 The introduction of 64-bit RISC processors in the IBM i (AS/400) has improved the price/performance gain to over 40%. The present product line scales from a single processor to a 24-way system and is in its seventh generation of 64-bit RISC technology.

 25,000 applications run on AS/400, as well as 3,000 client/server applications. Additional applications are being added as software vendors from other platforms migrate their code to the IBM i (AS/400).

 Data Warehouse, Internet Connectivity/Electronic Commerce and Groupware / Lotus Notes are all available today on the IBM i (AS/400).

 Has more than 75% of IBM i (AS/400) systems operate using client/server capabilities, with over 12 million PCs attached to IBM i (AS/400)'s.

 Has more than 400,000 copies of DB2/400 (IBM i (AS/400)'s integrated relational database) installed, IBM is the industry leader in the relational database market.

 Has the industry's largest suite of 64-bit applications, and is the only platform that preserves existing customer’s software investments - letting users instantly exploit the 64-bit environment when they upgrade to the new AS/400 Advanced Series with Power PC As microprocessors.

 Has a high-end IBM i (AS/400) Advanced System that can support up to 7,000 attached workstations. IBM i (AS/400) Advanced Server can now support up to 16 area networks each with hundreds of clients.

 Integrated PC Servers can be built into the IBM i (AS/400) Advanced Series. This allows customers to manage their PC environments with greater control at a lower cost than stand-alone PC Servers.


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