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Can we journal the files are in IFS?

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Can we journal the files are in IFS?

Post  maran on Mon May 13, 2013 12:01 pm

Yes. WE can journal integrated file system objects if they are in the "root"(/), QOpenSys, and user-defined file systems.

The following integrated file system objects can be journaled:

1) Stream files (*STMF)
2) Directories (*DIR)
3) Symbolic links (*SYMLNK)

When we use the SAV command to save an integrated file system object, the default is to not update the history information for the object. If we plan to apply journaled changes to the objects we are journaling, and we are not using the save-while-active function, specify to preserve the update history information about the SAV command.

We use the STRJRN command or Start Journal (QjoStartJournal) API for integrated file system objects that we want to journal.

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